Calling All Foodies!

We’re not satisfied just bringing a wide array of excellent musicians to the festival, we want to bring the thunder when it comes to food too!

Festival  food is a divisive topic up and down the country.

Uniformly pricey and invariably pants, we can’t keep count of the number of lifeless meals we’ve eaten at music festivals, whilst paying through our nose for the privilege. Now whilst we’re not advocating the consumption of live animals at the Honiton Festival we are going to be inviting some of the most innovative food trucks from around the country to our event, so that we can prove once and for all that you don’t need to be cheated out of a fortune every time you get peckish at a festival.

We’ve ensured that all of the food vendors at our event will be compliant with the highest of standards. Not only will they have received comprehensive food preparation training, but we’ll also make sure that their gear is as clean as physically possible. We’ll be calling in Kerry Corney to help give every single food truck a thorough clean before the start of the festival. Although Kerry is a specialist in oven cleaning in Aylesbury, she’s also a dab hand at every other type of cleaning, so we’re looking forward to seeing what work she can help us do!

These top-drawer food trucks have been doing the rounds for a number of years and promise to give you a decent mouthful of food without cutting your purse:

Jeff McHealey’s Burger Express

The typical festival burger is often so disappointing, but Jeff McHealey’s Burger Express bucks the trend by offering three simple options that are brilliantly prepared and juicy as you like.

Pick from Jeff’s Classic, the Veggie Wedgie or the Frickin’ Chicken and exorcise the ghost of burgers past with a truly biblical mouthful of foodie manna.

Hot Chopstix

The Wongs spent 40 years running their Chinese takeaway, providing quality food for the community there but after their kids left home they decided to sell up their business and hit the road.

Applying their tireless work ethic to festival fare Hot Chopstix offer a variety of noodle boxes with a choice of classic sides, all freshly prepared and to die for.

Maverick Mega Nugz

Chicken McNuggets these ain’t! The team at Maverick Mega Nugz are out to put McDonalds to shame with their free-range, panko breadcrumbed chicken nuggets.

Buy 4, 8 or 12 or 16 so that you can easily share with your mates and choose from a variety of shaker seasonings and dipping sauces including: Hot Rod Rosemary, Baking Blu-Cheeze and Marvellously Minty Mayo.

Gravy On My Tato

Simplicity is a wonderful thing and it doesn’t get much simpler than this. Forget your fancy phos and silly soups, if you’re looking for a warming meal to set you straight then it doesn’t get much better than a freshly baked potato smothered with a lovely filling.

Choose from a gloriously rich Roast Dinner gravy, a fresh Vegan slaw or homemade Barbecue Beans.


Although many cite Sushi as their favourite Japanese dish it hardly makes for good festival grub, so step up Katsu Curry, the nation’s new favourite curry! Choose either deep fried pork belly, chicken strips or beef to go with your sticky rice and gloriously tangy katsu sauce.

So wholesome and filling, the boxes from AlleyKatsunation are legendary.


It’s going to be a toss up as to who wins the great chicken war of Honiton Festival but either way we know that WingsWingsWings will be doing fast business with their innovative take on the American classic.

Whether you’ve got the need for spicy, sweet or salty these guys will be able to set you up with a box of steaming goodness!