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We’ve got something truly groundbreaking to announce!

When we were brainstorming in our initial conceptualisation stage for the Honiton Festival, one thing that we all agreed on was that our event needed to really push the envelope.

‘Pushing the envelope’ for us doesn’t just mean pulling in a wide range of talented original performers, or attracting a variety of well run food trucks – it means offering something completely different in terms of crowd-pleasing entertainment.

Every festival has its USP and we had to figure out what made our festival worth shouting about. Glastonbury Festival is famed for its epic scope. The Reading and Leeds Festivals consistently set a bar for raucousness. Latitude is the most middle class of all festival options. We found ourselves scratching our heads, wondering what on Earth we could offer to the UK’s festival goers that they didn’t already have. The answer we came up with shocked all of us, but it’s one that we’re pretty pleased with.

The Honiton Festival (that is no way related to the town of Honiton) will be the first festival to include a living, breathing building site. Not only will a construction site be whirring away for the entirety of the festival, but we’ll actually be building something: a house that will be given to one lucky festival ticket holder. As yet we haven’t quite worked out the logistics, but that’s our plan

As soon as we find a location for our festival we’re going to set to work clearing a space for one lucky person’s future home. The builders and materials will be sourced before the start of the festival. The very best people will be hired for the job, including brickies from Birmingham, a legendary team of fitters who have been revolutionising conservatories in Liverpool and a plumber whose reputation is bigger than most rock stars – more details will be sure to follow.

The idea came about when we were considering the potential pricing of our tickets. Despite initially wanting to make the festival completely free, the calibre of the performers proved to be too high for us to run this model. Whilst throwing around ball-park figures of costs one of us exclaimed: ‘Jesus! You could almost buy a house for that!’

That’s when we all stopped talking and looked at each other which only ever happens if someone comes up with a great idea (or fart). It made perfect sense as both a sideshow for the event and a marketing ploy: the festival-goers watch the house get built over the course of 5-days and then at the end of the event someone gets to keep it! The long-term plan behind this is that over the years we end up building an entire festival neighbourhood that, over time, will turn into an entire village.  Just imagine that for a second, an entire community of people from disparate parts of the world brought together by a shared love for excellent music, all living together in harmony.

The first Honiton Festival home will begin construction as soon as we find a suitable location – we’ll be sure to keep you posted!