Honiton Festival: Video Collage Special

We’ve talked to the artists on our lineup and asked them for their all-time favourite videos from the internet – explore them if you dare!

Jessica Bright (Danielle Bradbury & The Hawaii-10)

“We spend a lot of time touring all over the country so all 11 of us pretty much live in our tour bus. Whilst this is great, it can get a little hectic at times, thankfully we have Wi-Fi on the bus so a lot of travelling time is taken up with watching YouTube. This channel is one of my absolute favourites, its got this totally sweet day time telly vibe – really non-offensive and very addictive, plus I feel like I share a lot in common with these brave people!”

Jeffrey Sumpter-Manberry (AKA Tobias Kling)

“The internet is full of so many amazing artists it can often be hard keeping track of all of them! Lucien is one of my favourite Audiovisual artists, he’s very much a ‘quality over quantity’ kind of guy so be careful you don’t blast through all of his stuff too quickly! Although I believe he’s more of graphic designer by trade I still get completely drawn in by his Simpsonwave videos, this is a genre of Youtube videos based around remixing footage from The Simpsons using vapourwave as a backing – it’s totally trippy and very satisfying.”

Sally McIllinery (Total Vet)

“Rabbits are notoriously difficult to operate on because of their size, as such I spent years as a vet agonising over treating them. It can be so difficult to take responsibility for an animal’s life, especially when they’ve been taken to you willingly by their owner who wants a castration or spaying – many owners feel like it should be a simple operation, but nothing is simple with creatures of this size. It took me a long time to build up positive associations with rabbits and its these kinds of videos that really helped.”

Gerald Forscythe (AKA Bounce House Mouse)

“This guy is one of favourite video-makers, he’s got a very dry wit and a really interesting style. He’s made a living out of reviewing and commenting on the weird and wonderful creations that have dropped through the cracks of popular culture. Whilst there are hundreds of video reviews of guitars, laptops, speakers etc. there aren’t that many reviews for obscure tinned foods or long forgotten third-party video game controllers which makes his channel something of an anomaly in my opinion. Start watching at your peril though, there are a lot of videos to watch.”