Lectures: Of Kings, Knotweed and Hill Forts

Get ready to bone up with a series of lectures and talks on a huge range of important issues..

It’s not all about pies, music and beer at the Honiton Festival. We’ve been able to snag a handful of our artists for a series of exclusive presentations that should provide a light-hearted respite from all the partying.

The History of Knotweed: The Garden Menace from Abroad

Gerald Forscythe (AKA Bounce House Mouse)

It’s one of the most invasive non-native plants known to our shores, costing homeowners in the region of £175m every year, but do you know where it actually came from? Our resident glitch-pop maestro Gerald Forscythe was blighted with an infestation of Japanese knotweed whilst he was attempting to complete his 6th mixtape. Gerald put his music on hold for 6 months so that he could research the plant, his talk explains how getting rid of Japanese knotweed can be done with or without the aid of intensive chemicals and how Knotweed law is affecting many homeowners all over the UK.

House Rabbits & Micro Pigs – Where Does It End?

Emma Fielding (Total Vets)

Before taking to the stage with her Super-Funk Groove collective Total Vets, Emma Fielding was a travelling vet for five years. Emma’s talk will be filled with amusing anecdotes of her time spent as a practising vet, it will also touch on the huge variety of animals that are now kept as pets. With love for animals and support for animal rights groups at an all time high, she’ll be asking the important questions that certain ‘animal lovers‘ might be ignoring…

Digitally Fidgetal: DIY Music 4 Beginnerz

Jeffrey Sumpter-Manberry (AKA Tobias Kling)

Public school drop-out and failed lawyer turned Techno-Babble producer, Jeffrey Sumpter-Manberry knows a thing or two about DIY but not in the traditional sense. Having struggled through the education system for years, Jeffrey found his calling in music late in life thanks to the proliferation of information online. Taking the moniker of Tobias Kling in 2008, he’s been producing music ever since and he now he wants to share his knowledge with you!

Sexuality & Genre-Pitch Bending

Calypso O’Harry (Falling Bricks)

One of the more enigmatic performers on our lineup, Calypso keeps an unusually low-profile (even by her fellow lecturers’ standards!). Sexuality is at the core of her presentation; never before has it been a more important issue and its been a key theme in all of Calypso’s work whilst performing under the stage name of Falling Bricks. Calypso’s shifting world of musical genres and style is emblematic of her relationship with sexuality which she hopes to explore in her talk.

Smooshing the Jitters

Jane Thompson

Jane is considered by many to be at the forefront of Mum Rock, a movement which has seen Mums all round the country (as well as non-Mothers who identify as Mums) picking up guitars and expressing their emotions through the form of soft rock, country ballads and covers of Ronan Keating B-Sides. Whilst many Mum Rockers start out as bedroom musicians, many have made the next step to promoting themselves through YouTube and Instagram. Jane’s talk will be covering the risks posed to Mums and how to avoid being exploited by obsessive Mum-Lovers.