Where Will You Lay Your Head?

Do you know where you’re going to be sleeping?

You’ve seen the lineup, you’re getting hyped for the activities and you’ve salivated over the food options, but now you’re wondering where you’re going to be sleeping…

Let’s face it, sleeping is the least interesting part of any festival, but it’s still necessary! Whilst we understand that many folks might prefer to simply party all night and sleep through the day, we don’t have the clearance to run the festival through the night, so we are making sure that every person attending has a space to sleep when things quieten down for the night. We’ve taken a pioneering approach to sleeping arrangements at The Honiton Festival and have incorporated many communal options into our plan, so that regardless of your budget or preference, you’ll be able to get a goodnight’s sleep and wake up fully recharged for the next day’s festivities!

Take a look at our sleeping options here to see where you might be laying your head down at this year’s festival:

Glamping Pods

We’re aware that this is definitely no Coachella, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t afford yourself a certain modicum of luxury whilst you’re here. Our glamping pods offer just enough space for one person to get a comfortable night’s sleep, safely store their goods and drift off to the land of nod. Fully sound-proofed and insulated against the weather, these pods are designed to be the perfect place to get some kip!

Tent Pitches

There’s nothing like a traditional camping experience to get you in the mood at a music festival. Pitch up a tent with your mates and then get hyped for the festival just like you did when you were teenagers. Our tent pitches are free form, so it’s completely up to you where and how you pitch, although we will ask you to be considerate to other campers. We encourage community and friendship here at Honiton Festival, so we envisage the Tent Pitches as being an exciting village of revelry which will be a real hive of activity throughout the event.

Barracks Dorms

Our festival ground used to be the site of a military base, so we’ll be able to make use of the on-site barracks for those looking for a sturdy bed and a regimented night’s sleep. Each barrack holds 32 people, so don’t expect a peaceful night’s sleep and the communal showers are sure to test the mettle of even the most adventurous exhibitionists. All occupants in the barracks will have access to private showers and toilets nearby, if they don’t quite fancy baring all with their new bunk mates.

Communal Mattress

The Communal Mattress was conceived during an early brainstorming session and we’re really glad its an idea we were able to execute. Comfortable sleeping up to 75 people, this huge mattress is designed to be a safe-snooze spot for any festival goer during the day or night. Covered by a large cotton canopy, it’ll be cool and comfortable during the night. So if you find your pod to be a little confining, or your Dorm a little noisy, then you can always escape to the mattress and soak up the fresh air.